Wildfire Sierra Bermeja view from Horseback & desensitizing my horse

Click here to see our ride  www.instagram.com/reel/CTtxZBOAXaI/

Last evening i took Bumba into the mountain, to have a clearer view over the mountain thats on fire.

Firefighting aircrafts were going on and off to the sea, collecting thousands of liters of water to drop on the wildfire in Sierra Bermeja.

Bumba was tense at first, looking up at the aircrafts, they were flying low and ofcourse were making lots of noise which was a great desensitazion for Bumba.

In situations like him being scared or tense or not sure.. i always drop the reins and leave the responsibility up to him to go through whatever he is feeling or thinking.

I gave him time and we waited for as long as he needed.

Until a certain point last night were he started to be fine with the sitauation, he lowered his head and started grazing,

His mind was in a relaxed enough state of mind to be able to eat. He si such a lovely boy and i love him so incredibly much. He goes through everything and always stays close to me, such a beautiful feeling.

We have 500 firefighters and 45 airplanes fighting this fire, im so grateful for these heroes and everything they are doing all through the day and evening.

Hopefully this all will be over soon, we can only wish for rain and expecting it tomorrow, but here you never know.

My heart goes out to everyone who is affected by the fire, be safe everybody.

To watch last night ride with Bumba have a look on my Instagram Reels , don-t forget to say hello 🙂


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